The Blues Brother’s Triumphant Return

19 11 2008

Wait a minute, the sign’s all wrong. That should read “The Triumphant Return of The Least-Read Blog on the Internet.” Oh well. I’ll have a word with the legal people about that at some point.

It’s never clear how these things happen, but somewhere along the line I’ve become one of those people for whom their work has actually become what they do in their spare time. I found myself working on a project tonight for a friend. In a stronger economy, we would refer to this, in the design or consulting arenas, as something along the lines of “working with a client on a freelance project in exchange for collateral and some mixture of market trade.”

This should conjur images of me—nattily dressed, as always—working at my desk, some indirect lighting far from the screen to cut down on glare. A drink near at hand, iTunes playing something recently downloaded on one of my Spaces, to keep the work area clean. Massive, power-hungry design programs humming away, eps’s epsing, pdfs distilling, an internet chat window open with one client as I talk hands-free with another on my cell phone.

OK, you got that image firmly fixed? Here’s how it breaks down in the current employment climate.

At my desk—still nattily dressed—with iTunes playing in the background, craigslist open right next to Facebook. Odin dividing his time between trying to drop his ball on my toes, and seeing how much slobber my pants can absorb before I notice. A chat window open to San Francisco – totally unrelated to work. My cell rings:


“Help. I can’t get this thing to e-mail. I think it’s too big.”

I already know who it is, because it’s on my cell phone. Gotta love that.

“OK, send me the changes through gChat and I’ll fix it up and send you a new one.”

“OK, thanks. Wait!”


“How do you spell nefarious? I’m trying to win at Scrabulous.”

There you have it. The new high-powered group-think magic client conference in the current economy.

It’s times like this that I have to wonder if mabye becoming something of a hermit and writing esoteric things in the woods might not be the way to go. After all, it seems very appealing and satisfying, and it’s worked for others. Mind you, I will have to leave everyday at 8 and 3 so I can do pick-up and drop-off at school. And I’ll need power. I’m happy to write with pen and ink, but I need to be able to update my iPod, especially when the album covers get out of sync with the albums, and suddenly you’ve got Funeral For a Friend on and the album cover is for Wyclef Jean. Yeah. We can’t exactly be barbarian hermits, now can we?

I’ll see if someone can convince to post some writing up here. It’s not doing any good sitting on my hard drive. At any rate, welcome back.




4 responses

19 11 2008
Mr WordPress

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19 11 2008

Yea!!!!! I have so missed your wit and unique look at the world. It is one of my favorite memories of college! I am as always your faithful fan. 😡

19 11 2008

ok that was suppose to be a smooch, one day I’ll figure out the silly emoticon thing!

19 11 2008

You were busy last night! Well thanks for the help, on my end at least, though it appears your talents reach long and wide as usual. Thanks have a great day!

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